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Productions 1924 to 1984

1924   The Shoreham Village Players founded

1925   A Midsummer Night's Dream

           The Shoemaker's Holiday

1926   Hops - A Rustic Review

            A Night at an Inn and The Rest Cure

1927   A trip to Scarborough

1928   As You Like It

1932   The Child in Flanders

1933   The Dear Departed: Op O' Me Thumb

               Box and Cox

1934   The Ghost Train

1935   Tons of Money

            Ambrose Applejohn's Adventure

1936   Third Time Lucky

1937   Yellow Sands

            The Sport of Kings

            The Rotters

1938   The Cat and the Canary

            Aren't Men Beasts

1939   Painted Sparrows

1946   The Late Christopher Bean

1947   This Happy Breed

1948   Pink String and Sealing Wax

            Fresh Fields

1949   Tony Draws a Horse

1950   The Wishing Well

1952   Goodness How Sad

1953   Fools Rush In

1954   Short Story


1956   Twelfth Night

            An Evening with Lord Dunsany:

                The Road and Bureau du Change

1957   The Merchant of Venice

            The Ghost Train

1958   Mr Pim Passes By

1959   On Monday Next

1961   Dead on Nine

1962   Blithe Spirit

1963   Stranger in the Tea

1964   A Midsummer Night's Dream

1966  Journey's End

1967   Night Must Fall

1971   Roar Like a Dove

            A Christmas Carol

1972   A Murder Has Been Arranged

           A Victorian Old Time Evening

1974   Pygmalion

1976   The Drunkard

1977   The Wizard of Oz

            Old Time Music Hall

1978   The Bear and Hands Across the Sea

           King Lear

1979   Saturday, Sunday, Monday

            Toad of Toad Hall

1980   Old Time Music Hall

1981   Jeeves in the Wings

           (Samuel Palmer: A Dramatised                            Impression of His Life in Shoreham)

           A Christmas Carol

1982   Oliver

            Reflections on Childhood


1983   Journey's End

           Anne of Green Gables

1984   Cinderella

            Twelfth Night

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