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Jeeves Poster final.jpg

In May 2019 we produced Katie Fischel's adaptation of PG Woosters novel, which sees Bertie Wooster (John Holland) in trouble again…

Hapless friend Gussie Finknottle (Kenny Miles) has begged for Bertie’s help as he has lost his heart to Madeline Bassett (Sophia Kingshill), but is making a terrible hash of things. What's more he's in danger of upsetting her terrifying father, Sir Watkin Bassett (Wyn Melville-Jones) and his even more intimidating chum Roderick Spode (Frank Hinks).

Meanwhile Bertie’s indomitable Aunt Dahlia (Liz Nash) has told him to commit theft under the noses of these imposing men, and he's not sure who is the more terrifying them… or his Aunt.

As he becomes embroiled in various romantic entanglements, misunderstandings and schemes gone wrong, it all looks like turning into a frightful mess.

Lucky then that he has a butler by the name of Jeeves (Ken Fowler)…

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