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The School for Scandal
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Adapted by Jill Webster for the Shoreham Village Players
28th - 30th January 2016

The embittered widow Lady Sneerwell and her scandal mongering friends are abuzz with the latest news that the dissipated Charles Surface, with whom Lady Sneerwell is secretly in love, is financially ruined. Lady Sneerwell hatches a plan with Joseph, Charles' sober brother, to part Charles and Maria, Sir Peter Teazle's rich ward, so that Joseph can win her for himself. Joseph, a Man of Sentiment, is not all that he seems, and has designs on Sir Peter's wife, Lady Teazle. Then the brothers' wealthy uncle suddenly arrives, determined to discover their true nature, and all is set for a trail of rumours and misunderstandings...

Lady Sneerwell                    Lonnie Christophers

Snake                                      Sharon Longworth

Joseph Surface                     John Holland

Maria                                      Hatty Thorowgood

Mrs Candour                         Liz Nash

Miss Malice                           Mary Symons

Crabtree                                 Norman Gaylor

Sir Benjamin Backbite       Sue Rivett

Sir Peter Teazle                    Pat Barrett

Lady Teazle                           Elie Williams

Sir Oliver Surface                Ken Fowler

Rowley                                    Jim Philbrick

Mrs Credit                             Katie Fischel

Charles Surface                   Jim Philbrick

Careless                                 Tony Mortlock

Sir Toby                                  Lynn Francis

Servant                                  Derek Noakes

Lady Teazle's Maid              Bella Wood

Director                                  Jill Webster

Assistant Director               Sharon Longworth

Stage Manager                     Peter Triggs

Lighting and sound             Jeremy Tooley

Wardrobe                               Janet Heuston with Chris Abbott, Sarah Parkes, and Patsy Groom

Make-up                                 Carol Wallace

Prompt                                    Martin Finch

Front of House                      Maggie Triggs and team

With thanks to Shoreham Village Stores, especially Lorna and Ramesh for the sale of tickets.

And thanks to Otford Players and to the Kingshill family for wigs and costumes, and to Laura Wood for dressing wigs.

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